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Construction and changes have made the route confusing these days. Ask for a map and directions at the airport to get to Hwy 286 to San Jose de Los Planes. You will know you are on the right road when you pass the Pepsi and Coca Cola bottling plants. The road heads up the mountains then drops into the Los Planes valley, where you will have your first view of La Ventana bay. About half an hour out of La Paz you'll see a paved road on the left that is signed El Sargento. Turn left. Then follow the Home Stretch directions.


Set odometer to zero as you come around the overpass at SJD airport and merge with hwy 1 heading towards La Paz.
Km markers are as follows:
21 km; short detour around bridge out due to hurricane.
68km; pass town of Los Barriles, stay on hwy 1.
86 km; pass through town of San Bartolo ( lots of speed bumps) stay on hwy 1.
114 km; after going though mountains and passing km marker 155 white sign, you are now coming into town of San Antonio. You will pass by a Pemex gas station on the left. Stay on Hwy 1 for approx another 200 yards then look for paved right turn with lots of signs for various businesses and resorts in La Ventana/El Sargento. Keep following paved road and signs to Los Planes. You are now on the paved cut off road which connects San Antonio to Los Planes

136km; arrive at T intersection, turn left towards La Paz. You will be on this road for approx 3 km and this section has a lot of potholes in it so go slow and be ready to make evasive maneuvers!

Approx 139km; turn right at roadside shrine, see numerous signs for La Ventana/El Sargento businesses. You are on the last 7 km stretch!


Approx 146km is the first speed bump coming into town of La Ventana. Continue another couple hundred meters / yards where road dips down you will see our lighted sign on the right for "Coyas/Ventana Sports Fishing Resort." Turn right after the sign and then bear left on beach frontage dirt road to parking area in front of the pink rock wall. You are here!





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